Tuesday, October 28, 2014

William K. Black — The New York Times Claims Democratic Leaders in Latin America are “Military Dictators”

Another blistering attack on the NYT propaganda machine.
Your federal tax dollars go to support this effort, which was explicitly designed to outsource the CIA’s eternal campaign against democratically elected leaders that the CIA did not believe were sufficiently hard right wingers.
Bill knows better, of course, but uses it tactically for effect. Some may question that strategy as self-defeating in the larger context.

New Economic Perspectives
The New York Times Claims Democratic Leaders in Latin America are “Military Dictators”
William K. Black | Associate Professor of Economics and Law, UMKC


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

If dollars are "tax credits" why can't we just call them "tax dollars," whether they are held by the economy or used to pay taxes?

Seems to me that "taxpayers", i.e. those who use their tax dollars to pay their taxes, are paying a nominal price to promote the "monetization" of the "economy" in the government's currency of issue for "public purpose" w/ "full employment and price stability," and in concordance with "further public purpose," but not to provide the funds for government spending per se. The government is the "distributor" of taxpayer funds, whether by spending or lending those funds into existence.

Anonymous said...

Well, US foreign policy isn't conducted by the central bank. It is conducted by the executive branch, and thus financed by the treasury. And the treasury doesn't issue dollars. it issues securities. To get the dollars it needs for its spending obligations and goals, it must either tax the dollars from the public or swap securities for the dollars. So until they change that system, I have no problem with anybody saying that US government spending is financed by our tax dollars.