Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is this the worst Congress ever?

Just over two months into the 114th Congress, and its already looking like one of the worst ever. The Republicans got the year rolling by pathetically failing to fund the Department of Homeland Security, which is a leviathan agency of their own making! Then after capitulating to the inevitable (passing a clean funding bill with the support of Democrats), they invite the far-right wing leader of another country to act like he is giving the State of the Union in the halls of our own government, all without bothering to ask their own president.

And as if that wasnt enough of a low point, this week 47 Republican Senators sign on to a letter written by certifiably insane Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, to the mullahs of Iran, urging them not to trust the negotiations conducted by their own president. The media backlash to this treasonous letter has been incredible, with several editorial boards across the nation blasting Senate Republicans for their dangerous and insane letter. 

But wait folks, there's more. Next week is when Treasury anticipates reaches the debt ceiling, ie its Congressionally mandated maximum borrowing authority. If the past couple of low points are any indication, Congress will epicly mess this one up too. Although Mitch McConnell said back in November that he wasn't going to let this debt ceiling turn into another fiasco, the reality is he has no control over the even-crazier Republicans in the House, let alone the far right of his own Senate caucus. Perhaps we can hope for a quick and easy raising of the debt ceiling this time around, but if past weeks are any indication next week should bring about a fresh, new low-point for this embarrassment of a Congress.

Keep your popcorn (and defibrillator, if necessary) handy for next week's fun.

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