Friday, May 22, 2015

John Quiggin — Economics in Two Lessons: Draft Preface

John Quiggin asks for comments. This repeats some of what he already posted but it is more fleshed out.
Over the page, the draft preface for my book-in-progress, Economics in Two Lessons
I got some great comments first time round, but I can see it would be easier if I presented my drafts in a more orderly fashion, though not necessarily sequential. So, I’ll begin at the beginning. Comments, both critical and favorable, much appreciated.
John Quiggin
Economics in Two Lessons: Draft Preface


Magpie said...

"John Quiggin asks for comments"

Which is quite smart of him, and could even be gratifying to those providing feedback... provided Prof. Quiggin ever gave any indication of acknowledging the comments.

Anonymous said...

ProfQ sent anybody with a liking for MMT to play in his sandpit (while the adults talked deeply)...

Magpie said...

Something like that, jrbarch!

Calgacus said...

Well, if JQ is being grouchy about MMT (=FF), then see Lerner's 1951 comments on Hazlitt I posted at his blog. One could consider Lerner's book already as an "Econ in 2 Lessons" reply to Hazlitt.