Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Slightly Better Serfdom Terms For Greeks? Well Ok! That Makes All The Difference.

   (Commentary posted by "Saint" Roger :( )
Better serfdom terms was the only goal? Why didn't Tsipras just say so up front?

Slightly Better Serfdom Terms For Greeks? Ok. That Makes All The Difference

Sometimes it comes right out of your own mirror. Then you die ... maybe slowly, and maybe not all at once, but you start to die.

And all those who depend upon you are condemned to die too. Maybe some of them might escape someday ... but for now they're still sentenced.

Sometimes it really is liberty ... or death. And none of us has the right to choose the latter for our descendants.


John said...

Tsipras's Syriza is fast becoming the modern day equivalent of the German SPD in the thirties.

You'd think that Syriza being stuffed with Marxists (Varoufakis, Lapavitsas, Tsakalotos, etc) that they'd appreciate the threat posed by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn who are waiting for Syriza to fail.

PS. What a lovely moniker you have Saint Roger. How ever did you come by it?

Roger Erickson said...

I used to own a volvo.

mike norman said...

Saint Roger. Yeah! Love it!!!

Ralph Musgrave said...

“Better serfdom terms was the only goal? Why didn't Tsipras just say so up front?” Easy: because then he wouldn’t have been voted into power.

You want to get elected? Just make voters a selection of promises straight out of la-la land.

Anthony said...
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Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

Mike's right, these guys have no balls and their negotiating skills are non-existent.


Maybe they'll snap out of it when Greeks have to resort to cannibalism to feed themselves. I can see it now: the next Greek government, also promising an end to austerity, demands more funds so they can import dogs and cats, so people stop eating each other. Schauble is against it, obviously, since the Greeks lack the proper discipline to get their economic house in order.


*Sorry about the multiple deletes, I'm posted from my phone. :P *

Roger Erickson said...

This Volvo.

Of course I was a saint only 1000 yrs ago. What with fiat inflation, it's taken me this long to get fiatified a 2nd time ... er, beatified.

Roger Erickson said...

Now, instead of 2-steps in the wrong direction, Syriza's "left" is calling for only 1.5 steps in the wrong direction. Doh!

One of their demands?
"Low primary budgetary surpluses

At this time? Are any of these people still in their right minds? I know I'm a long ways from life on the street in Greece ... but this seems like asking your flogger to maybe reduce the whipping a little ... AFTER 100 lashes!

How do you say "@#$%&*-off" in Greek? (I can supply a German translation, for the intended audience)

Roger Erickson said...

oops, forgot the leftist link

Roger Erickson said...

to be fair, the full list of the Syriza-left suggestions implies requests for a significant fiscal transfer (it doesn't spell out from whom)

still, this strikes me as a surprisingly meek negotiating tactic, given their position under the boot

Does Greece have any other leverage over the EU & ECB that they & the EU/ECB are not showing yet?