Thursday, May 21, 2015

teleSUR — President of Ecuador Denounces Regional Destabilization Attempts

With similar discourse and tactics across the region, President Rafael Correa contends that destabilization attempts against Latin America’s progressive governments are being coordinated regionally. He said that there is a concerted effort by the regional right-wing opposition that seeks to bring about regime change.
“In Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, in Bolivia and, in Ecuador we see common criteria. And this is articulated. They are the same strategies, and these actors are in contact,” President Correa told the foreign press. “There is a national articulation of this, and an international articulation.”
Naming the tactics of permanent demonstrations, the creation of incidents, and open defiance of the law, Correa said there is a pattern of actions utilized by the opposition which are seen repeatedly. Analysts have recognized that a common demand of opposition forces is the return of free market economies and the strengthening of the private sector [aka neoliberalism and oligarchic democracy].…
As part of the opposition’s strategy, President Correa said that there is psychological warfare being waged on citizens through the media, manipulating information to serve the interests of the elite, and that to combat this the region must unite through integration efforts.…
Having identified the existence of transnational cooperation among opposition groups, Latin America’s left-wing governments will continue presenting a united front through regional integration efforts and socially progressive policies.  
President of Ecuador Denounces Regional Destabilization Attempts
Liz Scherffius, teleSUR correspondent in Ecuador

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