Friday, May 22, 2015

Podcast for May 22. I talk to Jon Reznick and the work of Hedgclippers.or, exposing Paul Tudor Jones

My guest was Jon Reznick, publisher of the Competitive Advantage Research blog. Jon follows the money so to speak of political contributions made by powerful hedge fund managers (and others). His work helped Hedgeclippers do that great video on Paul Tudor Jones, exposing him as the not-so-charitable and well meaning fellow that everyone thinks he is.

Interesting convo. Listen.

Podcast for May 22: My conversation with Jon Reznick and discussion of Paul Tudor Jones and more.


John said...

Would anybody have been hoodwinked had Pablo Escobar donated a few million dollars to a drug rehabilitation clinic?

Robin Hood is a front for looting the public. Vito Corleone had the Genco Olive Oil Company. Tudor Jones, Ackman and co have Robin Hood.

Hopefully, one day Americans will make Robin Hood an offer it can't refuse...

mike norman said...

Great points, John.