Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sure, Tom Paine Predicted Social Security ... but He Did NOT Predict FICA Taxes

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Agrarian Justice: With a new Foreword, "Social Security, Thomas Paine, and the Spirit of America"

The "new" forward is by our favorite NeoLiberal Harvard Lawyer, Nancy Altman.

How misleading is Nancy's outlook? It's more insidiously wrong than you could possibly believe. I shudder to imagine what choice words Tom Paine  - if resurrected - would have for NeoLiberals of today, such as Nancy Altman.

Sure, Tom Paine Predicted Social Security ... but He Did NOT Predict FICA Taxes.  Social Security, after all, was practiced by every known tribal society worldwide, for the past 100,000 years. (Hint, FICA taxes weren't invented until ~1936.)

The tragic part is that SS-Works & Nancy Altman TRULY BELIEVE (or SAY they believe) that it is ONLY FICA taxes that make SocSec possible - while that is the exact opposite of the simple truth. What Nancy Altman is spewing is misguided bullshit, of course.

Have YOU ever seen another public policy paid for by a pre-emptive tax on citizens? What? No "CWICA" tax to pay for Corporate Welfare? How about for Air Force bombers? Bank bailouts? You may as well quit looking. Only the working class is taxed this way, and for no good reason whatsoever.

To understand why, please read this historical link all the way to the end.

Then remind yourself that FIAT TAXES FOR FIAT REVENUE ARE OBSOLETE ... and have been ever since 1933.

If more citizens understood that 4 generations of US citizens have been held down ONLY for the exact purpose of holding them back ... there'd be blood in the streets tomorrow. You, your parents, your grandparents and your great grandparents have all been cheated like disenfranchised sharecroppers. There should be reparations for 80+ years of unnecessary FICA taxes.

It's a bitter pill to realize that your own country has a policy of purposefully over-taxing and under-funding the working classes.

And why? Pure stupidity and greed on the part of the "Upper" looting classes, and pure gullibility on the part of the working classes. Doesn't anyone in this country know what counts anymore?

Is it too late? Tens of millions of voters must look in their mirrors and ask themselves that question.

While you're at it, also ask whether you truly love your children, and/or all the future citizens of the USA. If you do (and aren't a moron) you'd cease - forever - urging fellow citizens to try to save public fiat instead of investing it. Conflating current fiat and future public options is suicidal for a growing population.

I have to ask Nancy Altman if she's ever asked herself the following question about our supposed deficit in fiat.

Decide for yourself. What happens when YOU run out of fiat? Does it help if you BALANCE your fiat? (Whatever THAT means.)

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