Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Robert Hackett — Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: ‘I Was Proven Completely Wrong’ About Artificial Intelligence

While leading Google through the aughts, Eric Schmidt made a miscalculation.
"I was proven completely wrong" about artificial intelligence, Alphabet's executive chairman said at the RSA security conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.
Schmidt has initially skeptical about the technology, and he's since acknowledged how vital it is to both the company's mission and to the global economy.
Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: ‘I Was Proven Completely Wrong’ About Artificial Intelligence
Robert Hackett

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Ignacio said...

By then Eric (and myself) will be dead. Potential is there but nothing has essentially changed from the last wave of IA hype a few decades ago (60-70's), this is a very slow process as we need to understand more on how integrated organic systems work to be able to react to a changing environment with agility and dexterity and build up abstraction and different levels of resolution in pattern recognition by themselves.

The immediate threat is Human Stupidity designing IA. We may be have the same problem as in economics: you constraint and design a system so it emulates the designer ideas. So you may get algorithms which are based on aggressive behavior and strategy, risk taking, darwinism, etc. They are not "intelligent" as they don't have agency or any sort of volition, but their impact on the system exists nevertheless, and is a product of the designers mind.

Likewise the impact on economics is the displacement of many white collar jobs which machines can do better and can be automatized, which is a failure to envision how to leverage work displacement and increasing productivity for all the population. Again a failure of the 'designer' minds, which are human, not machines.