Thursday, June 29, 2017

Awara — The Russian Economy 2014 – 2016, the Years of Sanctions Warfare

Yes, we must admit that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Western powers in effect represent economic warfare. They aimed at nothing less than destroying the Russian economy with a hope of engineering mass unemployment and social chaos which would eventually lead to regime change and a new government that would succumb to Western hegemony. IMF, the Queen of Western financial institutions, boldly promised that Russia would be clobbered with a 9 % cut off its GDP[3]. There is no doubt that this IMF prediction reflected a modest assessment of what the perpetrators had been hoping to achieve.
The events in the Ukraine were merely a sought after pretext for launching the economic assault. Everything had been built up for this with increasing ferocity for at least a decade. In fact, the aforementioned fake news business media’s reporting on Russia has served this same purpose by denigrating Russia’s role in the world and the achievements of its president and people. All this as a part of a massive decade long propaganda campaign (“Russia does not produce anything” and bla bla bla).
We want to stress that there are sanctions of two types, officially enacted sanctions and unofficial sanctions. The latter have not been officially announced by any Western government but are deliberately pursued under the agenda of economic containment, itself part of the grand geopolitical strategy of Russia containment. By these measures Russian investors and exporters are actively by way of unannounced (i.e. illegal) rules hindered from entering Western markets and other global markets were those powers hold sway, and conversely Western (and other) investors are being discouraged (coerced) from certain investments into Russia. The economic containment takes many other form, too, for example, it affects Russia’s participation in global financial operations and the rubles role among global currencies. We assess that the unofficial sanctions are even more cumbersome and harmful than the official ones....
An Awara Accounting Economic Analysis: What Does Not Kill You Will Make You Stronger – The Russian Economy 2014 – 2016, the Years of Sanctions Warfare
Jon Hellevig


Kaivey said...

Do you remember a few years back both Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson wrote a joint open letter to Putin urging his government to adopt MMT. But Putin still talks about balanced budgets. PCR says that the Russian central bank is staffed by pro Western neoliberals.

The US is that strong it can isolate any country and destroy it. Putin may be no angel, but none of Washington's allegations against him have any validity. I hate our compliant media which states falsehoods repeatedly. The US is secretly attacking Venezuela too. It wants the whole world, including China, to be vassal states so that they supply raw materials and cheep goods so that all the wealth goes through Wall Street and he City of London.

In the UK the City of London got the Royal Mail but they covet the NHS. It pains them when there is something they haven't got their fingers in.

mike norman said...

Yes, Putin is way wrong on his brand of economics. Definitely holding back Russian economic potential.

Tom Hickey said...

Yes, Putin is way wrong on his brand of economics. Definitely holding back Russian economic potential.

His old friend Kudrin's influence. :(

Kudrin is a former finance minister who resigned because Russia was not adopting neoliberal "reform" quickly enough.