Friday, June 23, 2017

Marko Marjanović — The First Shots of America's New War for Eastern Syria Have Already Been Fired

When US shot down the Syrian Su-22 jet Sunday this may have been intended as a warning to Syria that US intends to take eastern Syria for itself -- and that a Syrian push into eastern Syria will be violently opposed....
As the ISIS threat diminishes quickly, will Russia and Iran stand by and let the US continue to push forward its invasion of east Syria in order to partition the country and establish a military foothold? Tense times.

Russia Insider Marko Marjanović


Peter Pan said...

The ramblings of White House amateurs aside, the reality is that without the Kurds the Americans do not have the numbers to block the Syrian army from the Euphrates.

Another reality is that opening a new risky war against the Syrian government and its international backers is not in the interest of Syrian Kurds, who do not lack for adversaries as it is.

In other words, the "invasion" will bite the dust.

Peter Pan said...

What have the Kurds been promised for doing the fighting and putting their soldiers' lives at risk? How will they be betrayed yet again?