Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stephen F. Cohen — Media Contempt for Facts Grows Along With the Dangers of War With Russia

“Russiagate” has become a grave threat to US national security—but its discredited foundational allegations persist.
Inference and no evidence. Attack by innuendo. AKA smearing.

The Nation
Media Contempt for Facts Grows Along With the Dangers of War With Russia
Stephen F. Cohen | Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, History, and Politics at New York University and Princeton University


MRW said...

As I explained to Kaivey in a long series of posts (and probably poorly) on the US Threatens Syria Again/ Treading on the Path of War thread, this is what happens when you buy into 'conspiracy theory' nonsense, or even adopt using that ridiculous term (because it clouds your clarity, and assigns intent and purpose before thorough discovery.).

Things are either true or they're not. They're either facts, or they're not.

Veering off the mental reservation is a sign, or indication, of a serious lack of control.

Catch Stephen Cohen’s excellent weekly interviews on WABC Radio here: Only 8-15 recent episodes are shown, scroll down to have more pop up.

For Stephen Cohen’s interviews, use the website search engine. I’m heartened that Tucker Carlson (FOX) now features Cohen on a regular basis, and lately his wife, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor-in-chief and publisher of The Nation.

MRW said...

Just to clarify: the 8-15 recent episodes I mentioned above shown on the audioboom site are NOT Stephen Cohen interviews exclusively. They are all the John Batchelor interviews he does every night for seven days a week for four hours. To locate Stephen Cohen's, just use the site's search engine.

Noah Way said...

Facts? Seriously?