Friday, June 23, 2017

TASS — Deutsche Welle sees Russian international broadcasters as threat to European ideas

Of course, no awareness that international broadcast of "European" ideas might be viewed the negative way in traditional societies.  Germany doesn't seem to be modified its superiority complex anymore than the US or the UK, or France, all of whom believe that German, American, British and French ideas  are respectively superior. American's even have names for it — "American exceptionalism" and "the indispensable nation." 

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Kaivey said...

RT, Strategic Cultures, and Sputnik are great and are full of socialists. I get my real news from them. The journalists who Work for these media outlets, like Tom Hartmann, Finnegan Cunningham, Max Keiser, etc, are nice people. Russia supports these media outlets but Russia is said not to be a socialist country anymore. But Russians have free healthcare. So is Russia social democratic leaning?