Friday, June 23, 2017

John T. Harvey — No Poor Need Apply: Four Reasons Why President Trump Is Wrong

Wednesday, President Trump uttered the following now widely-publicized statement regarding the top economic positions in his administration:
And I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that makes sense? Does that make sense?
While this has provided wonderful material for critics and satirists, are they really being fair? On the surface of it, there’s a certain logic to his statement. Shouldn’t those who have been the most successful in the economy also be the ones to offer advice?
Unfortunately, no. Here are four reasons why putting rich folks in charge is in no way a guarantee of superior economic performance:
Forbes — Pragmatic Economics
No Poor Need Apply: Four Reasons Why President Trump Is Wrong
John T. Harvey | Professor of Economics, Texas Christian University


Matt Franko said...

"putting them in charge may be akin to letting the fox guard the henhouse"

No left-wing analysis of this issue would be complete without this statement...

" Neo liberal conspiracy! " crap...

Peter Pan said...

Shocking that this article is on Forbes.

Schofield said...

What the fuck are Americans doing electing as president someone who doesn't understand the fundamental principle underlying the Declaration of Independence - equality of power? Why did so many Americans fight in their war of independence with many losing their lives free apple pie!

wilwon32 said...

The interview of Jack Ma (head of Alibaba) by Charlie Rose might change the POTUS:

Jack Ma also had a meeting with the POTUS and his 2017 interview he made some suggestions: