Monday, August 28, 2017

John McKenna — What are the issues keeping young people awake at night? This survey has the answers

The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017 of 25,000 young people from 186 countries found that nearly half of all young people rank climate change and the destruction of nature as the most serious issue affecting the world today.

Wars and inequality also score highly when it comes to global concerns.

However, there is a marked shift in attitude when young people are asked to name the three most pressing issues of concern in their own countries.

Here “Government accountability and transparency/corruption” comes out on top with 46.9%, followed by “Inequality” (38.1%) and “Lack of economic opportunity/employment” (30.5%).
There are several regions that go against this overall trend: in Oceania, including countries such as Australia and New Zealand, climate change is the number one concern both nationally and globally; in Europe and North America it is inequality that worries young people the most; and in the Middle East and North Africa it is a lack of economic opportunity and employment that dominates; more than half of all respondents from the region say this is their chief concern....
Both globally and at a regional level, equal access to opportunities is considered the most important thing to make young people feel more free....
World Economic Forum | Agenda
What are the issues keeping young people awake at night? This survey has the answers
John McKenna


  1. They’re very concerned about climate change
  2. They distrust the media, big business and governments
  3. They aren’t lazy, they’re workaholics
  4. They’re optimistic about technology
  5. They care about others
And far and away the most important in indicting the level of collective consciousness:
At a time of global uncertainty and movement towards isolationism, the vast majority of young people (86.5%) see themselves as simply ‘human’, as opposed to identifying with a particular country, religion or ethnicity.
There's hope for humanity.

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