Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Robert Coalson — Is Putin 'Rebuilding Russia' According To Solzhenitsyn's Design?

Russia-watcher Miriam Elder noted in a piece on BuzzFeed that Putin's response and other statements he has made about Ukraine in the past reflect some of the arguments put forward by Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in a 1990 essay titled "Rebuilding Russia."
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Is Putin 'Rebuilding Russia' According To Solzhenitsyn's Design?
Robert Coalson


Kaivey said...

Solzhenitsyn said, 'He urges immediately severing ties with the three Baltic countries, Moldova, the three countries of the South Caucasus, and all the Central Asian countries except Kazakhstan. Russia does not have enough strength to control an empire, he writes, and trying to do so will only "hasten our destruction."

I agree with that. Russia should become a European country.

Kaivey said...

We were all made to read Solzhenitsyn's One Day in a life of... at school, the book was everywhere. It helped put me off communism but not socialism. I realised the book was being used as anti left propaganda. So Solzhenitsyn's book was everywhere in the West but his book, 200 Years Together Russian-Jewish History has never seen the light of day. But I'm not sure if I would get on with Solzhenitsyn's right wing views.