Thursday, August 24, 2017

RT — Cambodian PM calls US democracy 'bloody & brutal' in row over USAID-funded NGO

Political tensions have been rising between Phnom Penh and Washington, after Cambodia ordered a USAID-supported organization to halt its activity in the country. The Asian nation says it is defending its sovereignty, while Washington questioned its democracy.

In the latest development to the worsening dispute between the two nations, Cambodia's long-ruling leader, Prime Minister Hun Sen, accused Washington of interference in his country's domestic affairs.
"We wish to send a clear message again to the US Embassy that we defend our national sovereignty," the Cambodian government said in an open letter Thursday, as quoted by Reuters....
Earlier this week, the Cambodian Foreign Ministry announced it was expelling the US-funded National Democratic Institute (NDI) after a series of publications in local media suggesting that the non-profit organization attempted to act against the government. Phnom Penh said the NGO had violated national registration rules....
Although in its mission statement the institute, which has been operating in Cambodia since 1992, claims that it works with all political forces, some of its materials leaked online allegedly showed its political bias and moves to assist the opposition to overthrow the government.
The intentions of other NGOs operating in Cambodia and funded by USAID (US Agency for International Development) have also been questioned by the media, suggesting those organizations might be tools of the US State Department promoting Washington's foreign policy.

"There are... NGOs who also will want to create a color revolution and topple the government like they have successfully in other countries," one of the publications on Cambodia's Fresh News said.
Busted. Libya and Ukraine changed things.


Andrew Anderson said...

Does the US have true democracy when only banks, credit unions, etc. may even use the Nation's fiat? And we wish to inflict our model of systematic theft and oppression on the rest of the world?? Hypocrisy much? Blind self-righteousness?

* except (until the banks get it abolished) grubby, unsafe, inconvenient physical fiat, aka "cash."

Noah Way said...

The new Domino Theory - countries around the globe rejecting empire.

MRW said...

Good news.