Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Xinhua — China on rapid progress of robotization: study

China bought 90,000 robots in 2016, accounting for almost a third of the global total, and the robot revolution may raise China's economic competitiveness, according to a report released this week by Bloomberg Intelligence.
China on rapid progress of robotization: study


బాబు said...

Check out this video .. How china is hacking our mobiles

UC browser hacking data

Kaivey said...

They are making software programs that can do CBT, so even psychologists could be out of a job.

Tom Hickey said...

The case against UC Browser and Alibaba consists of allegations so far, but it is being investigated.

Times of India
Alibaba’s UC Web Browser may face ban in India over data theft

Kaivey said...

One day man will live in paradise and machines will do all the work, but I have a hunch that when people don't have any problems anymore they will be bored stiff. What keeps us interested is tasks that need to be done and problems that need to be solved. That's why I think heaven might not be that great. Imagine rabbits in heaven with no need to multiply, what will they do?