Sunday, August 27, 2017

Xinhua — China, Russia freight train delivers success, 17,000 tons of cargo

Over the past year, a total of 43 trains have run on the route, delivering more than 17,000 tonnes of products, worth 236 million U.S. dollars, from Guangzhou to Russia.
It takes the train 15 to 18 days to reach Vorsino, about 10 days less than the sea-rail transport service, and 25 days less than a ship. The costs are just one-third of air transportation.
"Our train runs once per week and were fully loaded from March this year, one of the highest loading rates among all China-Europe routes," said Huang Zhongxi, general manager of Guangzhou Dashunfa Logistics, the train operator.….

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Andy Blatchford said...

It's turn8ng into quite a popular service for our customers. We run rice weekly LCL boxes and ad hoc FCL. We recently added Taiwan originating freight that goes across by ferry to the mainland it connect and soon to be added South Korean freight.