Monday, May 27, 2019

Chris Hedges - On Contact: War with Russia? w/Stephen F. Cohen

Russia felt betrayed when NATO expanded along its borders and the installed its nuclear defence shield, says Stephen Cohen. Russia responded by developing missiles that can never be detected to beat the shield. Now that MAD was back on the table, Putin asked for new nuclear arms agreements to reduce the very dangerous tensions, but the U.S. responded with Russia-Gate instead. Stephen Cohen says this is the America's worst crisis since the Revolution.

Stephen Cohen says how the CIA has interfered in U.S. elections smearing a president and also when he was a presidential candidate. This is completely unacceptable and needs to be addressed, says Cohen. Trump spoke about having peaceful relations with Russia, and the so the elite establishment invented Russia-Gate to discredit him. They have when branded Trump as a traitor, but the real traitors are the military industrial complex and its elite backers.

To endanger the world with WW3 is a crime that needs to be severely punished. These people need to be put behind bars forever, including members of the media who went along with the lie, and that includes those at the Guardian.

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