Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Jack Tuck - Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us

Those science fiction movies aren't so mad after all and we could end up in a war with artificial intelligence which would wipe us out in a jiffy. Destroy one part of it, and rather like Medusa, millions of new parts would spring into action everywhere. It has no central brain, because it's artificial intelligence would have spread itself all over the world, designed that way by itself to preserve itself from attack. But it was all originally programmed to do this by us.

People think that when they see a security camera that someone maybe be looking at them, but what if one satellite could see every person and car in the world? What if algorithms could spot who you were by the way you walk with 100% accuracy.

Google is the leading company in A.I. and is buying up all the A.I companies around the world. Google say is just harmless information that can help us to improve our lives, but the Pentagon is their biggest investor.

Recently, at a private military show, one A.I. robot went out of control and started to behave very oddly eventually pointing its gun towards a group of terrified military onlookers. Fortunately, a brave marine jumped onto the robot and pulled its plug out, otherwise over 200 people would have died that day.

A.I. is millions of times smarter than us, and can redesign itself millions of times quicker than we can redesign it. It's so complicated that no one knows what it is doing, or thinking, anymore. Inside its computers, it's doing its own thing, all set up by us many years ago. We thought we were being smart.

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