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Links — 29 May 2013

Expanding on his recent threads discussing the somewhat ominous endgame of the US-China tensions, Bridgewater CEO Ray Dalio explains in his latest note that this conflict is much more extensive than a “trade war.”
Zero Hedge
Dalio Warns Of "Risky Time As US-China Conflict Is "Much More Than A Trade War"
Tyler Durden

Meanwhile, in China, President Xi was busy exhorting the rest of the world (presumably excluding the US) to cooperate with Beijing in developing new Internet, big data and artificial intelligence resources in a letter to the China International Big Data Industry Expo, which kicked off Sunday in the southwestern city of Guiyang, according to state-run business newswire Xinhua.
Zero Hedge
President Xi Invites World To Join China In Building New Internet
Tyler Durden 
Provoking trade disputes is “naked economic terrorism”, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Thursday, ramping up the rhetoric against the United States amid a bitter trade war that is showing no signs of ending soon.
Taking aim at U.S., China says provoking trade disputes is 'naked economic terrorism'
Ben Blanchard
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo kept up U.S. pressure on Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on Wednesday, saying the Chinese tech giant takes orders from Beijing.
U.S.'s Pompeo says Huawei is an 'instrument of Chinese government'
Indeed, with the constant chatter nowadays about the forces and impact of globalisation, one might have imagined that armchair analysts would have caught up and noticed the extent to which their cherished models of China might need to change, too. Yet when the West examines China, there seems to be a failure to note the obvious – that our understanding of China is shaped not just by the nature of China today, but by the nature of the West, too.

A confident and purposeful West, for instance, will see China in a very different way to a West that is insecure, confused or directionless. It might see China as a source of opportunities rather than a constant threat. The truth – as in many things – will lie somewhere in between. Before looking at China, then, it is essential to understand how much has changed in our own Western backyards over recent decades.
Bill Durodié
More US sanctions in the works as Beijing defies Trump by ramping up subsidies — this war is only just getting started.
Washington Preparing to Throw the Kitchen Sink at China
Kenneth Rapoza
Huawei should roll out a Google-free Android fork the EU is hoping for
Bloomberg Opinion
US Huawei Ban May Force It to Challenge Google’s Control of the Android Universe
Leonid Bershidsky
The US Army’s general staff has paid the RAND think-tank in California to devise a brand new plan of attack against Russia. The plan was released a month ago, on April 24. The new idea is Operation SWARM – that means throwing everything the US can think of at Russia.
Dances with Bears
John Helmer
Referring to China’s steady economic development and international influence the media outlet [Global Times ] claimed that “no country, including the US, can revamp the world order without China,” and suggested that it was far more probable that Washington would finally isolate itself while trying to crack down on Beijing.
Defend Democracy Press
Kissinger’s ‘Secret Ploy’: Why Russia Won’t Become US’ ‘Hammer’ Against China

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