Thursday, May 23, 2019

Links — 23 May 2019

Bloomberg View
The New Assange Indictment Endangers Journalism
Eli Lake

'Modern fascism is breaking cover': Journalists react to Assange Espionage Act charges

Legal experts say the new indictment against Assange is the first time the Justice Department has used the Espionage Act to charge a third party — not the government leaker — with publishing classified information.
Press Freedom Groups Say The New Charges Against Julian Assange Are A Threat To Journalists
Zoe Tillman

The Hill
Democratic senator warns of threat to press freedom in new Assange charges
Zack Budryk

Boston Review
The Anti-Defamation League Is Not What It SeemsUnder the guise of fighting hate speech, the ADL has a long history of wielding its moral authority to attack Arabs, blacks, and queers.

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