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Links — 30 May 2013

Why Barr’s investigation is important and should be encouraged.
The Nation
How Did Russiagate Begin?
Stephen F. Cohen | Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, History, and Politics at New York University and Princeton University

I don't buy for a second all those Russian-China economic "integrationism" arguments, despite obvious attempts by China and Russia to form some sort of common Eurasian market. Russia and China are neighbors and economic... competitors. But, right now many Russian-Chinese broad economic, social, scientific and military contacts make total sense in a face of unruly and ungovernable United States. In fact, those are only natural. Yet, there is one item on Russian-Chinese agenda which sets Russia apart from everyone else for China....
China is yet to make a full claim to real superpowerdom and for that she needs Russia and her immense military potential, capable to defend most of Eurasia against any attempt. China doesn't have such capability and so the dance between comrades Putin and Xi continues....
The video clip at the end is the entry of the SU-57 into serial production.

Reminiscence of the Future

Humorous but not satire.

Russia Observer
Patrick Lawrence

Not satire either. Eye-roller.

Ars Technica
US Department of Energy is now referring to fossil fuels as “freedom gas”

Megan Geuss
Move over "freedom fries" of failed Iraq War fame — this isn't even "Not the Onion" territory.

All roads lead to John Brennan.

Intel Today
Spygate — Former CIA Station Chief Explains Resignations From 6 Deputy Directors of Italian Intelligence Agencies
Ludwig DeBraecheleer
As predicted, Putin’s popularity takes a nosedive.
This fact is not often discussed in the West, but the popularity of Vladimir Putin is in decline and has been so ever since, following his reelection, he kept more or less the same (already unpopular) government while that government very clumsily attempted to “sneak by” undetected a pension reform. Now the latest numbers are in, and they are not good: only 31.7% of Russians trust Vladimir Putin, that is his worst score in 13 years! His score last year was 47.4% (by the way, Shoigu got only 14.8%, Lavrov got 13%, and Medvedev got 7.6%. These are terrible scores by any measure!)
I have been warning about this for a while now (see here, here, here, here, here, here and here), and we now can try to understand what happened....
The Unz Review
Prospects for the Emergence of a Real Opposition in Russia
The Saker

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