Sunday, May 19, 2019

Chris Hedges - What Greed has Done

Why the West is coming to an end - greed!

The elite don't care about the environment, or its beauty.

They don't care about the suffering of people: poverty and war are profitable.

They don't care about living in pleasant and decent society: why do they care when they live far away from everyone else in their estates, or gated communities, or even abroad, maybe on an island.

They tell us capitalism is dog eat dog, so either win at the game or go under. They tell us we are all utterly competitive and there is no true humanity. We are only mean!

They tell us life has no values except commercial ones. Values are subjective personal experiences that are not essential to existance. So, go to your yoga class if you want, or meditation retreat, or your spiritual community, but you can't buck the market.

To stave off the boredom of a repetitive life of all work, we keep ourselves amused with our phones, TV, gadgets, cars, celebrity gossip, or whatever.

What some viewers say about the Chris Hedges video:

What stupefies me are the middle to lower working class knuckleheads that actually DEFEND these robber barons. Do they expect some form of kickback for their "loyalty"?

I thought this reply was pertinent.

There are those who love their neighbours and those who love an idea of supremacy and superiority that essentially systemises hatred of your neighbour.

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