Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Charlie Goldsmith | Revisiting the energy healer's work one year on | Sunday Night

Charlie Goldsmith doesn't charge and does his healing for free. He realised he had the gift of healing when he was 18 years old, although he felt he suspected he might have this giftv when he was a child. His friends and family told him to not go public, but he wanted to help people, so he did.

He started healing people at his local hospital and the doctors were very impressed, but Charlie could not get any researcher to study him as only the government and the drug companies will fund research. So he raised the money himself through YouTube and Facebook to fund the research.

He's hoping to discover how he does it so he can train other people in the technique, but he's also hoping it will help to identify people who have this ability. Charlie Goldsmith doesn't believe he's unique and feels there are other people out there who can do healing like him, but might not know it.

Researchers also tests for the placebo effect in the trails, but it's no placebo, it seems.

Remember Charlie Goldsmith? Sunday Night met the energy healer last year, and put his talents to the test. We catch up with one of the people who suffered from chronic pain to find out whether their improved health really lasted.

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