Saturday, September 14, 2019

Intel update

Spiegel Online (Germany)'If I Happen to Fall out of a Window, You Can Be Sure I Was Pushed'
Martin Knobbe and Jörg Schindler interview Edward Snowden in RussiaSputnik International

Sputnik International
Interview by Ewen MacAskill, video by Laurence Topham

Sputnik International
Permanent Record: Edward Snowden Sounds the Alarm on ‘Greatest Danger’ to Society

Sputnik International
UK Judge Rules Assange Will Remain in Jail Due to 'History of Absconding'

Sputnik International
'With Friends Like Israel, US Doesn’t Need Enemies’: Iran's Zarif Mocks Trump Amid Snooping Claims

Fast Company
I create fake videos. Here’s why people believe even the obvious ones
Christye Sisson

Sputnik International
New Doc Tells How Three Conspirators Created Myth of Marilyn Monroe’s Death

The US Has “Disappeared” More Than 42,000 Migrants. Where’s the Outrage?
Merula Furtado

Lee Camp
Jeff Bezos’ “Ring” Doorbells Give Cops Eyes Everywhere [VIDEO]

Global Research
Post-9/11 Terrorism Watchlist of More Than 1 Million Judged Unconstitutional
Marjorie Cohn

The American Thinker
The Surveillance State: Have Americans Unwittingly Opted In?
Julio Riviera

Zero Hedge
Israeli Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets
Tyler Durden

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