Saturday, September 7, 2019

It's Going So Badly for Johnson Even Pound Traders Prefer Corbyn

By Cecile Gutscher, Charlotte Ryan, and Greg Ritchie

  • A hard Brexit scares some analysts more than Corbyn as PM
  • Sterling seen rallying if Labour-led government comes to power

Investors have long been wary of the Labour leader given his desire to nationalize parts of the economy, boost borrowing and redistribute income. Yet analysts now see a Corbyn-led coalition as the best bet to avoid a disruptive exit from the European Union without a future relationship secured.


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Marian Ruccius said...

10 point lead now for the Tories in the polls. The Blairites are now being hoisted by their own petards. Had they worked to support, rather than undermine Corbyn in the last election, all the disruption around Brexit could have been avoided. Labour could have formed the government. Now if there is an election they will be de selected.So Corbyn wins either way -- even if he loses, Labour will now be a socialist party.