Saturday, February 13, 2021

Catherine Chan - Why cheese may help control your blood sugar

Eat too your heart's content, unless they change their minds again. 

Mmmm, cheese – a food as nutritious as it is delicious. Or is it?

On the one hand, cheese is an excellent source of minerals like calcium and magnesium, vitamins A, B2 and B12, not to mention being a complete protein.

On the other hand, cheese is also a significant source of saturated fat and sodium in our diets. To lower saturated fat intake, consuming reduced-fat cheese is sometimes recommended to lower cardiovascular disease risk.

Paradoxically, however, there is now a growing body of evidence that people who eat lots of cheese do not have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, including Type 2 diabetes.

Universal Sci 

Catherine Chan - Why cheese may help control your blood sugar


Peter Pan said...

I don't like cheese.
Is there good news regarding cheesecake?

Andrew Anderson said...

unless they change their minds again. kv

Ain't science a wonderful anchor for your life? /sarc

Sure you can't do better?

Matt Franko said...

Everything in moderation Kevin...

lastgreek said...

any cheese from Greek sheep or goats is fine with me.

Matt Franko said...


Have you ever tried Chobani Greek yogurt?

Big seller....

lastgreek said...

Never seen that brand in Montréal, Matt.

If I am in the mood for yogurt, I usually purchase the yogurt on sale. The “Greek” yogurt varieties are very expensive — at least twice the price of the regular.

Btw, I put quotations around “Greek” because there is nothing Greek about the yogurt. One, who says Greeks in Greece are into Yogurt? Except maybe for some islanders, they’re not. My father never had yogurt in his life (let alone a glass of milk). Two, the use of the word “Greek” is just marketing — you know, it’s Greek so it’s gotta be good for you (like the Mediterranean diet bullshit). And as for Chobani, it was started by a Kurdish immigrant. He had enough sense to know that Greek was better marketing than Kurdish.

Let me just say quickly (it’s hell typing on a tiny phone screen), that your diet should depend on where you live. When I am in Greece, I eat differently than I eat here in Montréal. Why? Different climate, different foods, etc.. Hell, even my sleep patterns are different.

Peter Pan said...

I like figs. Greek or Turkish, I like 'em.