Saturday, February 13, 2021

KV - Just Another Day on Twitter

 There were times when it ended up like this on Twitter. I now just mute people when I see where it's heading. Three tweets and then the mute button. 

I once fought the climate change deniers for two weeks, and that's when I discovered how the conspiracy theory mind works, which forced me to rethink my own conspiracy theories. 

The deniers would get personal and be insulting. I was surprised at how low they would go.

Another bad time is when I agreed with a science article about overpopulation. Then all hell broke out when the Agenda 21 crowd went for me, but I wiped them out singlehandedly, although the debate lasted on all day. 

The Covid skeptics and the antivaxers were next. 

The people who scared me the most were the Zionists, who I felt would kill me if they could. To them it's warfare.

I don't get into heavy debates now, I just press the mute button, otherwise I reply. 


Peter Pan said...

You could mute Twitter altogether and save lots of time.

On the other hand...

Kaivey said...

I started up another account and it's dead boring. I'm following louds of scientists and they never reply for some reason, maybe they are concerned of repercussions. But even lots of prominent people often get no likes or any discussion from others. Closer to Truth, and Closer to China, by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, seem to only have me as a regular follower. The same for many others who are well known. My first account, though, is often warfare, as I said

Peter Pan said...

Scientists have no time for Twitter.

lastgreek said...

don't waste your time arguing with them, K.

I don't have any social media accounts. I do follow some twitter accounts though, but they're mostly academic/popular science. Examples: One has to do with algebra, another probability,and another account belongs to a New York doctor who is on the front lines fighting Covid-19 -- that's about it. Yeah, occasionaly, i will look at some political twitter accounts, but i don't engage whatsoever.