Monday, March 8, 2021

RH, Corcaigh - Uyghurs and China: The Facts

 It's probably best article I've read on this, in that it's so concise and to the point, plus it has lots of references to back to back up the points raised. 

The USA are liars with a profit motive and we’ve seen how good they are. Don’t fall for it.

Authorities assert that they are what one would call deradicalisation centres. Those who are detained in these centres are mostly current (or former) members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a jihad organisation most active in Xinjiang. These centres are set up to deradicalise those involved in extremist or seperatist movements. Islam itself is in no way criminalised in China, Islam is constitutionally protected in China.

 Generally speaking, the effort to deradicalise rather than murder or permanently imprison those who are involved in terrorism is a very new concept, one that should be welcomed. The goal is to reintegrate offenders rather than lock them up for their entire lives.

Chinese authorities invited representatives of the United Nations and the European Union to visit the region, and the vocation centres, yet they declined. Many Uyghurs joined terrorist cells in Syria, and now that ISIS’s power is collapsing many Uyghurs are returning home radicalised. Read an interview from former extremists who attended the vocational centreshere.

RH, Corcaigh - Uyghurs and China: The Facts


Tom Hickey said...

This has been known for years.

What is not said is that the "West," led by the US and UK (the US is an extension of the British Empire), is determined to preserve its hegemony from the imperial-colonial period and the rise of China is the greatest obstacle to that. It is too costly in real terms to deal with this by kinetic war, so the plan is to destabilize China as it has destabilized so many others that resisted Western dominance. The plan involved first destabilizing the Middle East and then Iran, while also seeking to destabilize North Korea, while containing China and its ally Russia militarily. Then color revolution can be mounted within to overthrow these regimes and install compliant regimes. Part of the plan is to break off Tibet, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan from China. This is the purpose of the heavy propaganda involving these strategic regions. But before the West can effectively confront China Russia has to be submitted to that NATO is on the western border of China with the 7th Fleet and ring of bases to the east.

This all goes back to the British Empire. Nothing new to see here.

Kaivey said...

Larouche say that the American Empire is really the British Empire. I guess its Anglo-American.

Peter Pan said...

Fake news! Kaivey must be censored immediately!