Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aaron Tovish — The Okinawa missiles of October

Another near miss.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
The Okinawa missiles of October
Aaron Tovish
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More to think about. It's much more dangerous now.
The scientist elaborated that in a tornado a powerful anti-gravitational effect takes places. Remarkably, the effective height of this anti-gravitational phenomenon is not limited to the height of the atmosphere. In the event of multiple simultaneous powerful tornadoes, we may face a phenomenon of suction of the earth atmosphere into space.…
Dr. Sarg noted that Mars once had liquid water and purportedly an atmosphere that mysteriously disappeared one day.
"If the scenario described above takes place, the Earth will become a dead planet like Mars," the scientist stressed.
Then there is the Russian and Chinese doomsday strategy of exploding a nuclear device over Wyoming that would ignite the super-volcano under Yellowstone, burying North America in volcanic ash.

How the military mind works.
Apocalypse, Now? Nuclear War May Result in Loss of Earth's Atmosphere

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