Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reuters — Portugal left vows to topple government with no-confidence vote

Portugal's opposition Socialists pledged on Friday to topple the centre-right minority government with a no-confidence motion, saying the president had created "an unnecessary political crisis" by nominating Pedro Passos Coelho as prime minister.
The move could wreck Passos Coelho's efforts to get his centre-right government's programme passed in parliament in 10 days' time, extending the political uncertainty hanging over the country since an inconclusive Oct. 4 election.
Coelho was named prime minister on Thursday after his coalition won the most votes in the national election but lost its majority in parliament, which swung to leftist parties.
This set up a confrontation with the main opposition Socialists, who have been trying to form their own coalition government with the hard left Communists and Left Bloc, who all want to end the centre-right's austerity policies.
Reuters (UK edition)
Portugal left vows to topple government with no-confidence vote
Axel Bugge and Sergio Goncalves


mike norman said...

The pro-banker, pro-austerity, pro-oligarch, puppet right wing gov't of Portugal already suspended democracy. Does the left really think they will respect a "no-confidence" vote? They obviously have the police and the military on their side otherwise they wouldn't have brazenly negated the elections and the will of the Portuguese people. Unless the left can mount a violent revolution and win, which is doubtful, their no confidence vote is a sham and will do nothing.

NeilW said...


The left couldn't agree a coalition. As usual they'd rather let the right in that suspend their petty squabbling over nothing.

That's why the right got the first shot at goal.

All those people that tell you PR is a wonderful system can now have a long look at the instability in Portugal. It's what you get when you try and do your coalitions *after* the election.

Random said...

"petty squabbling over nothing."
Hmm. Whether to stay in the eurozone or not is "nothing"?
It matters not whether the Left gas a majority. It matters if the anti-euro people have a majority.
Although they should make a govt, it may well be we have our hopes up on Portugal.
They may well fold like Greece if Right + pro euro lefties have a majority.

Ralph Musgrave said...

My twopence: the Portugese president was right to appoint a right of centre government on the grounds that the political left couldn’t form a coalition, but wrong to cite EU or EZ rules as a reason for doing that.

NeilW said...

"Hmm. Whether to stay in the eurozone or not is "nothing"?"

Unfortunately in a PR system you have to be prepared to sacrifice your principles if you want power - Nick Clegg style.

That's how PR works - and is why a FPTP system is superior. Because there the coalitions have to happen *before* the elections, and people know exactly what they are voting for.