Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ginger Gibson — Ben Carson pulls ahead of Donald Trump in national poll

The field seems to be firming up. More candidates will likely drop off fairly soon as money dries up for them.

Ben Carson pulls ahead of Donald Trump in national poll
Ginger Gibson


Random said...

What it says on the tin. Crazy.

Ignacio said...

On that link:

"Shame Shame PumPKN. Maybe read a little Economics 101. The government has GOT to stop spending money it doesn't have. We are borrowing a million dollars a MINUTE, and can't even pay the interest on our debt, much less pay on the debt alone. President Obama has BLOWN threw more $ in 7 years than all the other Presidents combined. And our grandchildren will have to somehow pay. You want to crash the economy? Keep on taxing the worker bees and let the gov keep on spending. Real smart."

This is the kind of stupidity we have to deal with... This an example on how clueless the average person is.

Random said...

I, read this very popular "meme"

Random said...

"stop spending money it doesn't have"
That's the thing. We do have the money. It is spent and respent and generates an amount of tax and savings.
Government issues the currency and has an infinite amount of money at all times.
Same with interest spent.
The savings form the "national debt" aka "national savings."

lastgreek said...

Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 · 14h14 hours ago

.@realDonaldTrump has a point: disproportionate focus today on a poll that, for now, is an outlier by showing him behind Carson nationally.

Tom Hickey said...

Ben Carson is the new Sarah Palin. Choice of the religious right.

Ryan Harris said...

At least they went with Carson instead of the really crazy Ted Cruz.

Ryan Harris said...

texas Ted Cruz.

Greg said...


They did that just so they can show they don't hate all black people. They really like a black person that hates all the other black people for them!!

Ryan Harris said...

True, Greg. The race card is critical for Democrats to win. Dems look vulnerable though because southern black voters are more likely to go to church and support conservative social issues. In Texas many of the latino voters are quite conservative socially too and like pro-small business rhetoric, but are looking for someone with a better immigration policy than Trump. Obama was big on promises for reform but then deported more people than any POTUS in history. The betrayal isn't lost on voters. If Carson could chose a Latino running mate, stay positive on immigration, the electoral map for Dems looks very difficult to win. Even solid blue states like California come into play but it requires a different more inclusive platform Republicans haven't used since Reagan era. It will probably send the racist poor white voters over to Sanders but the gains for Repubs will be much greater.

Ignacio said...


2 political scientists have found the secret to partisanship, and it’s deeply depressing

Very interesting, the party of war and neo-liberalism ruling through propagating bi-partisan fear politics. Orwellian.

Also the Tea Party may be 'dying' but its over-representation in the form of crackpots on the GOP is ever raising.

Tom Hickey said...

Very interesting, the party of war and neo-liberalism ruling through propagating bi-partisan fear politics. Orwellian.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. The overwhelming probability is that HRC will be the Democratic nominee. She is a war hawk and I cannot in good conscience vote for her. But the alternative is as depressing if not more so. The GOP is generally more hawkish than the Dems, and several SCOTUS sears are also at stake, which will determine the future of the US and therefore the ROW for some time to come. So I can't in good conscience vote for a GOP candidate either.

Will I vote for a protest candidate, or hold my nose and vote for HRC?

It likely depends on how close the election seems in Iowa and whether my vote would actually count. In a close race, I'd probably hold my nose and vote for HRC as the least bad alternative in a choice of two.


Random said...

Remember to vote state election, house etc. Downballot matters

Ignacio said...

Tom, your post is a perfect example that the tactic is working. The radicalization of the GOP may as well be a perfect tactic to frame national politics to the right permanently (not discovering anything new here as most in this blog are aware this has been going on for a while).

If someone as you, an intelligent and informed individual, is being 'boxed' and framed, or pretty much forced into this situation, what the uneducated electorate is gonna do? I've spent the last hour reading online articles and a lot of people is in horror that a complete moron like Carson may be the president, hence they will vote the Democrat candidate regardless of who he is (not because they like the candidate, but because they are terrorized by the prospects of someone like Carson being the president).

In my case (not in USA but is the same everywhere) to keep myself in good conscience I just don't vote, I cannot vote for people I don't believe in or that are completely idiots or clueless. Democracy is self-responsibility, even if your fellow compatriots drag you to a dysfunctional system they have only themselves to blame. It's not very comfortable when you end up suffering because others mistakes, but at least you can say you didn't contribute to it. My opinion only.

The elites are winning the game... and until something radical happens it will still be that way. My bet still is some sort of strong-man demolishing the system when it becomes completely dysfunctional. What comes after could be worse (probably will), but I don't see the current system self-correcting.

And in Europe they are using a different rule-book (as the population here is much more left-leaning) through dictatorial European institutions and 'TINA' framing of European politics. Looks bad.

Tom Hickey said...

Iowa is a purple state for the most part, although pretty red at present, so down-ballot definitely matters here.

Fortunately, I live in a very liberal place for the state. Iowa City is a university town.

Random said...

All I can say is vote, whether for the Dems or a third party.
Better vote third party than nothing.
I see as a duty of a citizen to vote.

Peter Pan said...

Is Ben Carson a war hawk?

Carlos said...

Countries like US and UK with first past the post systems are more likely to present a binary "least worst" option for voters.

As can be seen in Greece, Portugal and Spain.... proportional representation creates a more dynamic democratic process.

At least it keeps the elites on their toes and forces them to reveal their true deeply undemocratic natures.

Carlos said...

"Is Ben Carson a war hawk?"

As an opportunist, he will be when the need arises.

Ryan Harris said...

It is a depressing look at Democracy, Ignacio. Probably been around for a long time too. Old time elections were at least as nasty and deceitful as today. If you can't make people like you, make them hate the other guy even more.

Tom Hickey said...

"Is Ben Carson a war hawk?"

Carson is completely unaware of foreign affairs and foreign policy.

He would be putty in the hands of the deep state. They would completely control him.

Ryan Harris said...

After I heard him interviewed, I was more worried about his potential, he comes across as reasonable and affable even though what he says is fairly radical. It's pure Reagan sleight-of-hand magic. I think he's a bigger threat to our Bernie than people realize because it changes racial voting patterns that only weakly keep Dems in control. I know Bernie can take on Hill-Bill-ary and Trump and win. I'm not sure he could win against Carson. Once a front runner, the dems will dig up dirt on Carson and maybe they can ruffle his calm cool collected feathers.

Tom Hickey said...

The good thing about HRC is that she knows all about foreign affairs and foreign policy, as well as the workings of the deep state. The bad thing about HRC is that she is a neoliberal, neoconservative war hawk deeply enmeshed in the deep state.

Jeb is a front-man. He would be a puppet president.

Trump seems to be a wildcard. He is a quick study and could figure out what is really going on and try to take charge. That would court JFK and RFK's fate.

John said...

"That would court JFK and RFK's fate."

That they did nothing constructive but had a great posthumous PR spin machine that has made them to appear the opposite of what they were? That they purposely engineered a lunatic scheme that came close to destroying all life on the planet? That having came close to destroying all life on the planet, they engineered another lunatic scheme that would have come close to destroying all life on the planet?

As utterly lunatic as the Kennedy brothers undoubtedly were, thankfully they weren't completely obsessed with killing everyone. They needed to get laid - and a lot. In his celebrated thousand days, JFK probably fucked a thousand women. Whoever was seeing to JFK's sexual appetite should be given a Nobel Prize for peace. Lee Harvey Oswald should get one too.

I hope Trump suffers from the sexual urges that afflicted JFK. Life can then continue from human being down to the humble bacteria and the single celled parasite known as the neoconservative. If not, Trump seems mad enough to get the world into some serious trouble. That motor mouth of his will land him in a position of having to match actions to his overblown rhetoric. If Trump does in fact mean half the stupid shit that he says, what's he going to do when Mexico, Russia, China and a whole host of other countries tell him to go fuck himself? Mexico isn't going to build a gigantic wall. As for Russia and China, it's not worth even thinking about. That a self-obsessed maniac like Trump is this close to entering the White House is truly alarming. But then the same can be said of Carson, Rubio, Cruz and Jeb. And let's not forget Hillary.

Roosevelt and Eisenhower must be turning in their graves.