Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chuck Spinney — Obama Keeps Pentagon Spigot Open

The left has been focusing on the cuts to social programs in the budget deal. Chuck Spinney zeroes in on the military spending increases. A one-two punch to the jaw of the public.
So, once again, Mr. Obama had a shot at leading from the moral high ground, and once again, he blew it. He had the Republicans on the ropes, with all their warts on full display, but then he squandered an opportunity to effect even a pretense of challenging a thoroughly corrupt system.
Obama’s most recent performance is yet more proof that he is no change agent. A better characterization would be that he is merely another Manchurian Candidate, whose role is to protect the interests of the factions making up the shadow government that is now running the show — what former Republican congressional staffer Mike Lofgren calls the U.S. “deep state.”
Consortiums News
Obama Keeps Pentagon Spigot Open
Chuck Spinney, former military analyst for the Pentagon who was famous for the “Spinney Report,” which criticized the Pentagon’s wasteful pursuit of costly and complex weapons systems.

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