Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vasilis Trigkas — TTIP & TTP: A Race to the Bottom Not the Top

Instead of trade regionalism driven by security imperatives, the three big elephants in the room, the EU, the USA and China, should join forces and with a trilateral trade commission shape a vast economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The West along with China must put the welfare of the citizen above all other operations and co-decide the standards of future mass technologies and the path of humanity to a sustainable destiny.
China US Focus
TTIP & TTP: A Race to the Bottom Not the Top
Vasilis Trigkas | Onassis Scholar & research fellow at the institute for China-EU relations at Tsinghua University, non-resident WSD Handa fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS, advisor to the president of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and a researcher at – the leading community of young China experts in Beijing

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Random said...

What's funny is that the left never thinks of creating agreements like this but with environmental rights and worker rights - "fair trade agreements" they could be called.
You can create policies that have an effect in your country (say, eliminate poverty via a JG) lightly coupled with the rest of world as explained by Neil Wilson here