Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ford earnings blow out

Gasoline prices collapse and F-Series sales go thru the roof as leading flow of USD withdrawals from the Treasury account remained slightly positive for the same YoY.

Mike was reporting some congruent US PCE data vs. the petroleum product prices in USD terms in time domain last week, seems to now show up in blowout YoY numbers from Ford who has crushed it and knocked it out of the park with bases loaded.

Revenue rose 9 percent to $38.1 billion. Ford’s global market share (7.6 percent) and automotive operating cash flow ($2.8 billion positive) both increased for the third consecutive quarter. Its pretax automotive operating profit more than tripled, from $686 million to $2.2 billion.

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Tom Hickey said...

Ford is killing it in China. They are already selling more vehicles there than in the US, and the Chinese market is just getting going with the building out of a middle class and service-based economy that has decades to run before China develops and is no longer emergent.