Saturday, October 31, 2015

Marco Rubio gets backing from blood sucking financial predator Paul Singer

Marco Rubio backer, Paul Singer, the bloodsucker

We know who Marco Rubio is going to be working for if he is elected president. You can forget about all his bullshit rhetoric about empowering people and helping them to succeed. This water sucking slick talker is going to be handing over even more to the billionaires and plutocrats that he so transparently adores.

Check out his newest financial backer: Paul Singer. Singer is nothing more than a disgusting billionaire hedge fund parasite. His claim to fame? Making terrible, losing investments in Argentinian bonds, then getting the U.S. courts (he's a lawyer) to grant him mafia-style kneecap-busting "collection" power, which Argentina has courageously resisted.

This scum is also going after Puerto Rico now, demanding that the Commonwealth close schools and hospitals to make good on its debt. (So he can get whole on another losing position.)

This guy, Singer, is a blood sucking poster boy for why we should euthanize the entire class of these financial predators. They are a cancer on society

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