Monday, October 3, 2016

Adam Garrie — The West has always sought Russia’s destruction

In spite of any wishful thinking that a united front could be forged against a merciless Islamic terrorist enemy which threatens civilisations of the east and west equally, the opposite is happening. The West is using the conflicts in Syria and beyond to do what they have always tried to do to a strong and sovereign Russia; destroy it. Here are just a few examples from modern history.…

Garrie only deals here with the modern history. The assaults on Russia predate that by centuries, e.g, by the Teutonic knights who were defeated by Prince Alexander Nevsky in the famous battle on the ice, April 5, 1242, brilliantly depicted by Sergei Eisenstein in the film, Alexander Nevsky (1938). Russia was also invaded from the east by Mongols and south by the Turks

The Duran
The West has always sought Russia’s destruction
Adam Garrie, modern history teacher at King's College, London

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