Friday, October 14, 2016

Elpida Papoutsaki — Corbyn’s economic policies

Labour Party Economic Policy – An introduction to New Economics
Defend Democracy
Corbyn’s economic policies
Elpida Papoutsaki


Bob said...

No job guarantee?

John said...

That would never enter their minds. At best, Corbyn and Co are Keynesian-lite. They even want to balance the budget. That's about as radical as they get, and even this is widely considered to be loony leftwing economics. It tells you how far to the right the UK has moved that soft Keynesianism is considered dangerous.

I'm starting to warm to Mike's philosophy of fuck it, make money and save yourself!

Ryan Harris said...

Is that supposed to be "left"? Balancing the budget, Devolution to lower government, More investment to boost taxes?

Meanwhile back in the real world, Texas Independence leaders are meeting with UKIP and France's Republican Popular Union.

Keep up the good work Corbyn and Hillary, you guys inspire the masses with your unwavering leadership!

Neil Wilson said...

"Is that supposed to be "left"?"

It's not left. It's 1970s marxism re-warmed. Essentially trying to be Robin Hood - which is more about attacking the rich than actually helping the poor.

This is, of course, as far as you can go if you believe in open borders and no such thing as the nation state. Unfortunately with Corbyn, as with all these characters it is the assumptions they never talk about that are the issue.