Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fort Russ — US Cyber Attack Imminent: Biden threatens Putin with 'retaliation'

Joe Biden shoots off his big mouth again. The US is acting like a spoiled brat on the world stage, and it has been since it instigated conflict in Vietnam to keep Emperor Bảo Đại in power, but especially since 9/11, in attacking secular states in Central Asia and MENA to effect regime change. HRC portends to be even worse based on her record. That's what happens when policy is run by politicians instead of statesmen. It's a subset of Moronism, along with the mainstream approach to political economy and economic policy.

BTW, this is an unsubtle hint that the US now feels entirely justified in using subversion in the upcoming presidential election in Russia in order to effect regime change there as one of the major American policy goals. We'll see how that goes.