Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gordon Adams and Lawrence Wilkerson on Clinton and Trump on foreign policy

Adams and Wilkerson assess Clinton and Trump on temperament and judgment. The find Trump unqualified on temperament and judgment, and Clinton qualified in temperament but not on judgment.

I think that they may be giving HRC too much credit on temperament, based on her public performance and manufactured image. She is reported to be extremely temperamental in private to the point of being unstable, as well as extremely vindictive and domineering.

Since foreign policy is the unique prerogative of the president in an age in which declaration of war, which is the prerogative of Congress, has fallen into disuse and the power effectively delegated to the president's discretion.

Experts seem to agree that war with Russia, which could easily go nuclear, is closer than anytime since the Cuban missile crisis was defused without incident through diplomacy and compromise.

The National Interest
No, Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Judgement Isn't As Good As Everyone Says
Gordon Adams, distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center, professor emeritus at American University, and former senior White House budget official for national security in the Clinton administration, and Lawrence Wilkerson, visiting professor of government and public policy at the College of William and Mary. and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell

Foreign affairs neorealist John Mearsheimer analyzes Us-Russian relations and the effect of Trump.

Russia & India Report
US professor: Trump can’t fix Russia-U.S. ties
Nikolay Shevchenko

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