Thursday, October 6, 2016

Graham E. Fuller Blog — Syria—what cost “victory?”

Graham Fuller explains why US pursuit of victory in Syria is not in the national interest. Even if it were possible to prevail militarily, it would be Pyrrhic victory.

Graham E. Fuller Blog
Syria—what cost “victory?”
Graham E. Fuller | former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, a former senior political scientist at RAND, and a current adjunct professor of history at Simon Fraser University

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Bob said...

He answers his own question. It is Syrians who are doing the suffering and dying, not American soldiers. And the 'locals' are willing to continue fighting in spite of the death toll so far.

Put bluntly, when brown people are intent on destroying each other, those who deem themselves 'exceptional' are not inclined to bring this to an end. A happy state of affairs for some, and a Pyrrhic victory for everyone else (i.e. those troublesome brown people).

What cost victory? With as many lives as possible.

Unlike Mr. Fuller, I'm willing to stare into the abyss.