Saturday, October 8, 2016

Martin Armstrong — Obama Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking the Election

Martin Armstrong makes some points about what I surmised would happen some time ago. The Democratic Establishment is focused at least as much on taking down Trump by any means available as  removing Assad by arming terrorists. The end justifies the means. This is war and "everything is on the table."

Armstrong doesn't mention it here, but Trump has already primed the pump about claiming fraud and manipulation in the event that HRC wins.

Whatever the outcome, the result of this election will be a deeply divided nation with increasing possibility of civil unrest and political gridlock unless one party takes the presidency and congress, which is highly unlikely. 

Regardless of who wins, the other side will claim and its supporters feel that the election was stolen, hence, invalid.

Given an already fraying social fabric, this does not portend well. Especially when the next recession hits. Then things could get ugly given the mood.

I don't recall as deeply divisive a situation since Vietnam polarized the nation, when there were millions in the streets.

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