Thursday, October 13, 2016

Martin Armstrong — Russia Preparing for War?

Looking at capital flows.

Armstrong Economics
Russia Preparing for War?
Martin Armstrong


Ryan Harris said...
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Ryan Harris said...

If you were Putin, who would you nuke to stop Merkel and Hillary?


Washington DC would be a nice reset button but would cause an all out nuclear war and Russia probably can't deliver a war head past our defenses. UK is possible, plenty of military targets with poor defenses and small populations.

In Europe, maybe a country hosting a US Military base or European neoliberal economic/media center that doesn't have a huge population. hmmm

Random said...

Seems like UK :(

Tom Hickey said...

It's pretty well-recognized in military circles that the beginning of a confrontation between the US and either Russia or China (or both) would be a massive cyberattack to neutralize the other sides military capabilities and shut down the opponent's economy, e.g, energy grid and financial centers. That the lead red button. The US, China and Russia have been probing cyber capabilities for some time.