Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michael Brenner — How America Expunges Bad Memories

America is a place that expunges unpleasant memories that belie the happier vision of its “exceptionalism,” most notably the brutal ugliness of the Vietnam War and more recent war crimes in the Middle East, observes Michael Brenner.
Professor Brenner might have started with the Native Americans and African slaves. However, his point that when even recent unpleasant memories are buried under the veneer of exceptionalism, the country has a problem.

Now American "humanitarians" are wringing their hands and shredding crocodile tears over the "war crimes" that Assad and Putler are committing in Aleppo, while continuing to supply terrorists with arms, funneling arms to Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen, and considering a military response in Syria that Gen. Dunford recently testified will kill a lot of civilians.
Michael Brenner | Professor of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh

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