Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pamela Kruger — Donald Trump Is Trying to Undermine Legitimacy of U.S. Election

Here is what Trump actually said:


Bob said...

If the election is close, there will be claims that the voting machines were rigged. Counting paper ballots as we do in Canada would lend legitimacy to your electoral process. So do it!

Malmo's Ghost said...
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Malmo's Ghost said...

He's right.

The voter fraud in my town, Chicago, will one for the books. Cook (Crook) County will be just as bad. Likewise bad in most major US cities. I'd trust Jill Stein, and those like her, as a vote counters though. She gets it that Hillary is worse than Trump when it comes to being a hawk.


Hillary and the tabloid media are shitting themselves given their bimbo eruption game plan has Trump actually increasing his lead.

Maybe there is a God after all.

Malmo's Ghost said...

And the so called Fourth Estate, the MSM, has been irreparably damaged shilling for Clinton; throwing out any semblance of journalistic ethics..

Without a legitimate press there is no legitimate democracy.

John said...

Really? A lot, not all, of what he said was perfectly true and insightful. The "liberal" media can't be honest when Trump says something sensible, as opposed to all the dumb shit that his spewed out of his mouth.

If he was like that since day one, he'd have won a landslide election. Because he can't help himself and shoots his mouth off like a spoiled brat, latest polls show he's going to get crushed. And everybody loses because Killary makes it to the Oval Office.

The election won't be close, but if it is you can be sure of one thing: Trump won't cave like that pussy Al Gore. You almost wish for a contested result: it would prove to be Trump's finest hour!

GLH said...

Does anyone who watches the propaganda on the "news" really think that it is Trump that is undermining the election? A typical "newscast" consist of ten minutes of haranguing Trump and then a minute or two of what Hilary and her crowd say about Trump. Sure, it is Trump who is undermining the election. There is no need to read Pamela Kruger's article, I can already see who pays her check.