Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Robert Parry — Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo

US double-standard, because "exceptionalism." The larger title is. US, good; Russia, China, Iran and anyone else the US elite disagrees with, bad.

Meanwhile, Americans are distracted by pussy and booty.

Consortium News
Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo
Robert Parry

Islamic State said to use human shields as coalition advances on Mosul

The United Nations has said the Mosul battle could leave as many as 1 million people homeless.
"There's a chance, maybe a significant chance, that it's going to be fewer people than we expect, but of course it would be dangerous to assume that," the senior State Department official said.
For U.S. and Obama, Mosul campaign is calculated risk

‘Get out, Erdogan!’ Huge demo in Baghdad protests Turkey’s Iraq presence


jrbarch said...

A prayer for the citizens of Aleppo & Mosul

Around me the armies gather
Intent on their cause
To destroy the soldiers who hold my city captive
My life deemed as having no value

I want to live
To see my sweet children playing happily, laughing, as only children do
Learning and growing, evolving, to understand the unparalleled privilege of human existence
This conflict is not mine
I too need to live and enjoy

The armies will attack
Obedient soldiers in every direction
Their hearts and minds muddied by lies
By primitive wolves, elites
Evolution’s stragglers - filled with lust, revenge, greed, of a passing Age

To whom from our emerging humanity, we must say NO! ENOUGH!

What it means to be human, is lost
When a human being does not see a human being any more
The darkness is complete

My blood and my children’s blood will flow in your name
Just one little drop of mercy is all that it takes
If we die a little part of you dies with us
Break the cycle!

There is no cause on the face of this earth greater than human existence
It is beyond race or creed
The heart must be at peace first, and resolute, before the mind will ever come to its senses
When we die, for us the pain and terror is over, and the life wasted
For you - what prayer would your heart utter, standing here in my shoes?

GLH said...

I watching the evening "news" the other night when I realized that the Iraq government is defeating terrorist while the Syrian government is just killing civilians. The contrast in the reports about the two countries was amazing.

Bob said...

That is a haunting poem.