Tuesday, October 11, 2016

RT — US missile defense in Europe directly threatens Russia – Chinese military

US antimissile shield in Europe directly threats Russia, a senior-ranking Chinese general said at an international security in Beijing. He added that US actions across the globe disrupt the balance of regional power and provoke regional instability.

“The US did not provide legally-binding guarantees that the missile defense system they are deploying in Europe would not be aimed against Russia. But at the same time it poses a real and direct threat to the Russian security,” Maj. Gen. Cai Jun, the vice head of the Central Military Commission Joint Staff Department's warfare bureau, said in a speech at the Xiangshan Forum.
The assessment is similar to that of the Russian military, which insists that the American antimissile shield in Europe compromises Russia’s security and needs to be countered with better ballistic missiles and capabilities to destroy antimissile sites, should the need arise.
“China and Russia have similar positions about strategic antiballistic missile systems and oppose attempts by any nation or group of nations to create such systems unilaterally at the expense of strategic international security,” the general said.
China is increasingly getting involved. If the US objective was to create a Russian-Chinese military alliance, it's succeeding very well.
[Russian] Gen. Poznikhir said Russia and China are forced to respond to these threats and preserve the strategic balance of power.
US missile defense in Europe directly threatens Russia – Chinese military

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