Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sputnik — Putin, Xi Jinping Discuss Syrian Settlement, Fight Against Terrorism - Peskov

He added that the leaders share positions on the fight against terrorism.
"[During the meeting] the need for further cooperation to prevent the infiltration of the international terrorism into the territory of Central Asia and through it, was stressed," Peskov said.
US covert ops are aimed at infiltrating jihadi provies into Central Asia to subvert Russia and China. That's what Putin and Xi were really discussing.

Sputnik International
Putin, Xi Jinping Discuss Syrian Settlement, Fight Against Terrorism - Peskov

"As the members of the UN Security Council, and as leading countries, we must strengthen our coordination and cooperation within the framework of multilateral structures," Xi said during a one-on-one meeting with Putin on the BRICS Goa summit sidelines.
The Chinese leader stressed that coordinated solving of the crucial problems may result in establishing more equitable and rational world order.
Translation: Russia and China are calling for settling issues in accordance with international law and in the existing international framework of world order. This is aimed at the unilaterism of the hegemon, especially military "solutions" and regime change through subversion.

China Leader Urges Russia President to Strengthen Coordination Within UN

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a joint statement with Russian President Vladimir Putin that India recognizes Russian efforts in the political settlement of the crisis in Syria.
Modi pokes US in the eye.

India Recognizes Russian Efforts on Political Settlement in Syria - Statement

Putin, Modi Concerned About Violence in Donbas, Urge Minsk Deal Implementation