Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sputnik — US' Plan B to 'Transform Syria Into Transit Route for the Spread of Chaos'

An analyst explains the real objective of the US in Syria in "Assad must go."
Sheikh suspects that Washington does not want Bashar al-Assad replaced "by a popularly elected leadership but by its funded armed and trained militias." 
In the event of this Syria would become a "transit route for the spread of chaos" into Iran, Central Asia (Russia's underbelly) and East Asia, the analyst warned. 
"Both Russia and Iran are very well aware of this 'terror project', its scope and the impact it would leave on the part of the world they happen to be geographically located on," he stressed, adding that in this context "Plan B" targets not only Syria, but also its neighbors and allies.
This is standard US policy. Set up a puppet government in exile, then overthrow the sitting government and install the puppet government as a US vassal.

Turkey is well aware of the this plan and realizes that the US setting Turkey up for regime change and bringing a government that is led by Gulen. This is why Turkey is demanding the return of Gulen to face charges. Of course, the US will never do so. The upshot is that Turkey will likely quit NATO, railing that even though in NATO it is also in the US crosshairs.

China is aware of this plan, too. since China is the ultimate US target after Iran and Russia are removed as obstacles.

This is obvious to anyone that understands geostrategy. It is just chess.



Ralph Musgrave said...
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Ralph Musgrave said...

Spread chaos to Russia's underbelly? Haven't the buffoons at the CIA got anything better to do?